Physical implication of paintings: Handmade rugs

In collaboration with the intensely talented Barbara Barron of Classic Rug Collection in New York C

The left hand column exhibits samples in 2’ x 2’ cropped size availble to borrow with a refudable dite. 

“Forget me not” and “Lily pond” below are currently in stock 5’ x 7’ rugs available to purchase.

“Forget me not” Version 1
5’ x 7’

For further information on pricing and customization potential please email me

Currently on view at “212 fifth ave penthouse”

To the right is the full composition of the painting design that would be reflected in the completed rug.

“Lily Pond”
5’ x 7’

“Forget me not” Version 2
Currently on view at Axiom Gallery
2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles